Product Categories

Street Light Lens

For Outdoor Lighting, Complete Sizes, Diverse Angles To Meet All Your Needs

Commercial Lighting Lens

Used For Indoor Lighting, Highly Anti-Glare, Uniform Light Spot, Complete Models

Bicycle Light Lens

Can Be Customized According To Customer Needs Mold

Home Light Lens

Used For Indoor Lighting, Mainly For Ceiling Light Lens And Panel Light Lens, Cost-Effective

Reflective Cup

Used For Indoor Lighting, Uniform Spot, Good Light Absorption, Complete Angle

UFO Mining Lamp Lens

Used For Indoor Lighting, Much As a Warehouse, Commercial, Pc Material, Multiple Dimensions

Wall Lamp Lens

For Outdoor Lighting, Generally Installed On The Wall, Support Customization

Anti-Dazzle Visor

Good Anti-Glare Effect,Improve Visual Experience,Complete Variety

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About Honju Optics

Top 1 Secondary Optics Manufacturer

Honju Optics boasts unrivalled expertise in LED optical design, development and manufacture. Our in-house dedicated team provides innovative specialist design solutions, whilst our dedicated global manufacturing sites ensure we have a local presence on a global scale.

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One-Stop Service

We provide one-stop service, can produce products widely used in various industries, and We have more than 200+ customers from Europe, North America and Southeast Asia...

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Direct Factory

we are a professional mould production factory rather than a trading company, the whole production process is transparent and visualized, in order to ensure the quality of customer satisfaction at the same time..


Lens Mold Monthly Output






㎡ Workshop

Our Advantage

Certified Raw Materials

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The choice of raw materials can fully follow up the customer’s preferences, raw materials are a very critical part...
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Export Experience

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We have many years of experience in import and export, customers all over the world continents, products are exported to America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions.
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Quality Inspection Team

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Honju optics company has a strict professional quality inspection team, with professional inspectors and mobile inspectors
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Corporate Values

Have the courage to take responsibility, do not shirk your own problems, and have the courage to take responsibility.

Pragmatic and efficient, practical work, high efficiency, fast and quality.

Perfect and exquisite, it is guaranteed that every Hongzhu product given to customers is exquisite and perfect in workmanship.


Professional Talent

Honju optics company’s system and personnel perfect, each team between the unity to help achieve today’s Honju

Customer Reviews

16 Years of Industry Experience Get The Latest From Honju Optics!

LED Lens Optical Design Applications

Bulk Solids
Industrial Lighting

While there are many important building elements in a highbay application like a warehouse and factory one of the most important is the lighting...

Architectural Indoor Lighting
Architectural Indoor Lighting

Show Your Artworks With The Right Light To Your Visitors In Museums, Exhibitions And Another Indoor Architectural Lighting Applications.

Street Lighting
Street Lighting

Street Lighting Provides a Number Of Important Benefits. It Can Be Used To Promote Security In Urban Areas And To Increase The Quality

Area And Car Park Lighting
Area And Car Park Lighting

Outdoor Car Parks Require Bright Night-Time Lighting To Help Drivers Find Their Way And Recognize Other Moving Vehicles Promptly.

Tunnel Lighting
Tunnel Lighting

The Main Purpose Of General Tunnel Lighting Is To Prevent Accidents And Enhance Safety And Comfort For The Drivers That Drive Through Or Enter a Tunnel

Architectural Outdoor Lighting
Architectural Outdoor Lighting

Limbus Offers Creative Desings And Suitable Light Output For Your Extraordinary Projects Such As Hotels,